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Huawei Modem

We are one of the main Huawei modem distributor in the world, offering all Huawei 3G USB modems such as E156G,E160,E1750 and so on. All of these Huawei 3G modems are guaranteed to be original and brand new.
Most of the usb modem supports a wide range of 3G network technologies.
Besides providing competitive price Huawei 3G modems. We also carry Huawei 3G Router wholesale business to all countries like US, EU, Asia, AU, etc.

We also have excellent service team and expert engineer for the whole business process and technichal problems. Any questions about our Huawei USB modems, please contact us by email or just call us at 852 65221316(7/24).

Huawei 3G USB Modem List

E372 Modem Huawei E372
E353 Modem Huawei E353
E303 Modem Huawei E303
Huawei E369 Datacard Huawei E369 Datacard
Huawei E173S Huawei E173S
Huawei E355S-1 Huawei E355S-1
Huawei K5005 Huawei K5005
Huawei e368 Huawei E368
Huawei e367 Huawei E367
Huawei k4605 Huawei K4605 (Vodafone Unlocked)
Huawei k4510 Huawei K4510 (Vodafone Unlocked)
Huawei k4511 Huawei K4511 (Vodafone Unlocked)
Huawei k3806 Huawei K3806 (Vodafone Unlocked)
Huawei k3770 Huawei K3770 (Vodafone Unlocked)
Huawei k3771 Huawei K3771 (Vodafone Unlocked)
Huawei r101 Huawei R101 (Vodafone Unlocked)
Huawei e3131s Huawei E3131S
Huawei e3251s Huawei E3251S
Huawei e3276 Huawei E3276
Huawei e510 Huawei E510
D31HW Huawei D31HW
D21HW Huawei D21HW
D12HW Huawei D12HW
Huawei UMG1831 Modem Huawei UMG1831
Huawei E1820 Modem Huawei E1820
Huawei E1823 Modem Huawei E1823
E160 Huawei E160
E160E Huawei E160E
E1762 Huawei E1762
E1552 Huawei E1552
E153U Huawei E153U
E173U Huawei E173U
E176 Huawei E176
E156 Huawei E156
E398 Huawei E398
E1750 Huawei E1750
E160G Huawei E160g
E169G Huawei E169G
E1550 Huawei E1550
Huawei E150 Modem Huawei E150
E169 Huawei E169
E170 Modem Huawei E170
E122 modem Huawei E122
E180 Modem Huawei E180
UMG181 modem Huawei UMG181
Huawei K3565
Huawei K3760
E182E Modem Huawei E182E
E352 Modem Huawei E352
Huawei E397 Huawei E397
Huawei E392 Huawei E392

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